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Oof, well, it’s been a while, eh?  That’s what happens when you work on the election.  And what an election!  I’m extraordinarily happy with the outcome and still so emotionally invested that reading articles can make me weepy.  I’m proud and happy to say I played a role, and the state I worked the most in turned blue!

I’m still recovering (and by recovering, I mean the cold that held off until Election Day has hit and I’m firmly ensconced on my couch), but I’m also celebrating.  And you know how we knitters like to celebrate, don’t you?  Oh, yes, there will be yarn.

Yesterday, a Rav pal and I went to Stitches East in Baltimore to hit the market.  What a place!  It was a lot of fun, although somewhat overwhelming.  I busted my budget a bit, and now I’m being taunted by all the delicious new yarn currently sitting on my living room chair.  Want to see what I got?

Top row: a yarn called Jezebel in two colors for colorwork – possibly a Joni hat or some mitts; Brooks Farm Yarns Mas Acero – a gorgeous wool, silk and viscose mix that I’m planning a Woodland shawl for; and a beautiful merino/cashmere sock yarn from Creatively Dyed yarns.

Middle row: a test skein of a new Malabrigo yarn, Dos, a two-ply – I’m thinking a hat, possibly; two skeins of Valley Yarns Huntington, from WEBS, for more colorwork.

Bottom row: one of the cooler things I found, a set of ten mini-balls of yarn for a lengthwise garter scarf; five skeins of Malabrigo Lace for a sweater (I know, I might be crazy), and two skeins of a very soft, unbranded wool that I’m thinking about using for some Christmas gift hats.

It was a great day, and I could have easily come home with much much more.  I didn’t get my hands on any Malabrigo Sock, because it was pretty picked over, color-wise, but I did meet the owners of Malabrigo, who are the nicest, most genuine guys!  I also ogled a lot of lovely shawls, and I think some serious lace is in my near future.

Up next, though, is a finish-a-thon.  I’ve got a baby blanket, a pair of socks, a hat and another baby gift that I need to crank through before I can really start anything new.  I might have to prioritize the hat – I’m going to need it.  Turns out, I’m going to Minnesota for work in a week or so, and it’s awfully cold there.  Anyone know any good yarn stores in the Twin Cities I should check out?