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Knitting – a lot. Apres Surf Hoodie. Baby Sweater. Ravelympic skirt that has been back-burnered because 397 stitches a row is torture. A scarf. A pair of baby booties. A sock.

finished booties

Crocheting – I learned how to crochet in a circle and made an amigurumi Octopus! His name is Augie. He doesn’t have eyes yet, but he will.

Augie wins a gold medal

Also working a lot, but I don’t have any pictures of that – picture a desk, with a computer on it and a very full email inbox and you’ve pretty much got the idea. And when I get home from work, I do this:


*headbutt* That’s Sam, the cat I took care of for a week, during which I introduced him to Battlestar Galactica, my new obsession, and he introduced me to working on two hours of sleep. Not really a fair trade off. Buy stock in Tylenol PM if I ever decide to pet-sit in a studio apartment again. Thankfully, his owners just picked him up, so I’m going to go watch another disc of BSG and knit – without a cat on my lap!