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I was born in Maine.  I grew up in Maine.  I went to college and grad school in New England, but now I live in DC and there are adjustments that have to be made.  Expectations have to be … altered.  You see, New England has four seasons – and DC has three, really.  Spring in DC is gorgeous.  Winter in DC is bearable.  Summer in DC is murderous.  But Fall, my favorite season?  It’s pretty much nonexistent.  If it does show up, it’s usually only for a week or a handful of days, or we fake it and pick apples in 80-degree heat.

But that’s okay – because I’m prepared.  When those few days of perfect fall weather arrive, I will be ready.

Got my new fall jacket (Target, natch) and TWO, count ’em, TWO newly F’d O’s to go with.  A delicious Scrunchable Scarf and a pair of toasty Juniper Mitts to keep the hands and neck nice and warm.  Both are knit in my all-time favorite yarn, Malabrigo Worsted.  Scrumptiously soft, lofty and easy to work with, and with such gorgeous color to boot.  The details:

Scrunchable Scarf: took a full skein plus perhaps a quarter of the second.  I knit it over 38 stitches, on size 8 needles, to a length of roughly 62″ (my height).  I highly recommend this pattern – easy, quick, satisfying, and a perfect match for this yarn.

Juniper Mitts: I knit the smallest size, 40 stitches, and added an extra repeat both before the thumb and after the thumb for a little additional length.  I’d estimate this pattern used half a skein of yarn, perhaps less.  I bound off using my normal bindoff (ignoring the pattern, of course), using a size 9 needle – I knit these on size 6s.  Great pattern – very easy, very fast and very cute.  I did not embellish with a button, although I may add one.

So bring it on, Fall!  I’m ready!