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One thing I’ve learned from Ravelry, if I didn’t know if before, is that I am completely and totally impressionable. I’m distracted by shiny things, and Ravelry is just so very full of shiny things. My favorite feature, other than my beloved groups, is the activity function. It lets me see what my friends have faved and queued and stashed and started and finished. I love the viral nature of it – clearly I’m not the only one who’s impressionable. I watch certain patterns and projects pop up over and over again. Sometimes I “discover” something and watch with glee as it makes its way through my friends’ list. I love it so much I keep my friends’ activity in my Google Reader in an RSS feed.

This impressionability usually shows itself in my queue, which currently stands at 416 projects, and my favorites, which holds 268 projects. They both grow constantly as I discover fantastic new patterns and projects. But sometimes, the impact on my needles is more immediate. A week or so ago, I spotted a project, faved it, then turned to my WIP basket, pulled out a scarf I’d started a few weeks earlier and immediately frogged it and cast on for a Scrunchable Scarf (rav link) instead.

Sometimes it’s not so bad to be impressionable …

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